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Expert Discussion with Netlife "The Value of Design"

Guests at the expert discussion were Marte Veys Berg and Wanda Grimsgaard. The discussion was led by Are Westerink Sandvik.

Expert discussion with Netlife 26. May 2020. "The Value of Design". From left Marte Veys Berg, Wanda Grimsgaard and Are Westerink Sandvik. Video: Jonas Driveklepp.

Are Westerink Sandvik introduced the discussion: "When a debate about design or redesign for large companies or public institutions breaks out, we often miss the professional angle. The press criticises the cost of "a new logo", while professionals criticise the design. Little attention is paid to the actual effect or value of the design. But what is the actual value of design? Can it be measured? What do we tell the sceptic, who doesn't see the value? For this expert discussion we are fortunate to have with us Wanda Grimsgaard, Professor of Visual Communication at the University of South-Eastern Norway and author of the book Design og strategi [Design and Strategy], and our own Marte Veys Berg, graphic designer and head of design at Netlife Design."

The expert discussion was broadcast live from Netlife. The video was streamed and published on Youtube. You can watch it HERE.

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