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Launching Design and Strategy

That feeling, holding a copy of the book Design and Strategy in my hands for the first time. So excited by the reviewers response: “Outstanding”, “Timely” and “Universal”.
Fantastic feeling to finally get a physical copy of the book. Photo: Theo Sikkes
Fantastic feeling to finally get a physical copy of the book. Photo: Theo Sikkes

I was overwhelmed when I received feedback from the international reviewers. The peers were unanimous that there is no such book in the world. Here are some statements from reviewers.

“Wanda’s book is encyclopedic and unrivaled. The most comprehensive deconstruction of the rigor it takes to build on a strategy to design a sustainable future, whether you are a designer, a marketer, or a manager.” 

Alina Wheeler, Author of Designing Brand Identity: an essential resource for the whole branding team, US.

 “I have worked at the intersection of design and strategy for over 25 years, have read a great deal of nonsense written about both, fortunately this book bucks the trend. A ready reckoner for anyone looking to develop cohesive, intelligent new design work rooted in plans, not hopes.” 

Simon Manchipp, Founder & Executive Strategic Creative Director of SomeOne, in London.

 “A very accessible and comprehensive overview of a strategic design process – with practical tools and guides for working strategically with design – for both students and practitioners.”

Rachel Cooper, OBE, Distinguished Professor of Design Management at LICA, Lancaster University, UK.

Design and Strategy. A Step-by-Step Guide. 672 pages and more than 250 color Illustrations. Photo: Theo Sikkes
Design and Strategy. A Step-by-Step Guide. 672 pages and more than 250 color Illustrations. Photo: Theo Sikkes

About the book

Design and Strategy bridges the gap between strategy and design, presenting a step-by-step design process with a strategic approach and extensive methods for innovation, strategy development, design methodology and problem solving. It is an effective guide to planning and implementing design projects to ensure strategic anchoring of the process and outcome. 

Built around a six-part phase structure that represents the design process, covering initial preparations and project briefing, research and analysis, targets and strategy, concept development, prototyping and modelling, production and delivery, it is a must-have resource for professionals and students. Readers can easily dip in and out of sections, using the phase structure as a navigation tool. Unlike other books on the market, Design and Strategy addresses the design process from the perspective of both the company and the designer. For businesses, it highlights the value of design as a strategic tool for positioning, competition and innovation. For the designer, it teaches how to create solutions that are strategically anchored and deliver successful outcomes for businesses, resulting in appreciative clients. It includes over 250 illustrations and diagrams, tables and text boxes showing how to move through each stage with clear visualisation and explanation. 

This book encourages all designers in product design and manufacturing, service design, communication design, branding, and advertising, to think beyond shape and colour to see design through the lens of strategy, process and problem solving, and all business managers, innovators and developers, to see the value in strategic design outcomes. 

The book is an English translation from Norwegian language, fully revised and updated with lots of new material and empiri.

Perpetual gratitude

Updating this book for an international audience has been a bit of a job. I have been fortunate to have many professional people around me who have contributed, first with the Norwegian edition of the book and now with the English edition. Several people have followed me closely either throughout the whole process or during part of it. Others have lined up for interviews and talks, read and commented on scripts, shared their processes and methods with me and contributed generously with their knowledge.

Special thanks to: Lars Høie (book designer), Inki Annweiler and Bård Annweiler and their team at Mission AS (my editorial team), Susann Vatnedal, and her colleagues at Bøk Oslo AS (text and design editing), Nicholas Hermier, and his team at Languages Power International (translation) and Gillian Warner-Søderholm, at the University of South-Eastern-Norway, USN Business School, for generous support.

Huge thanks to: Alexander Fjelldal, Alf Bendixen, Alina Wheeler, Anders Tangerud, Anette Brekke-Bjørkedal, Anine Heitun, Anita Grimsgaard Loe, Anna Tokle Amundsen, Anne Cecilie Hopstock, Anne Holter, Annie Myhre, Arild Tofting, Arne Simonsen, Ashley Booth, Audun Farbrot, Bård Annweiler, Benedicte Wildhagen, Birger Opstad, Birger Sevaldson, Birgitte Appelong, Birgitte Hvidsten, Bjørn Rybakken, Brita Bergsnov Hansen, Camilla Martinussen, Carl Gürgens, Carl Tørris Christensen, Cathrine Røsseland, Dag Einar Thorsen, Eirik Faukland, Eivind Arnstein Johansen, Eivind Eide, Elisabeth Holmberg, Elise Kaspartu, Endre Berentzen, Erik Bakkelund, Espen Johansen, Frode Helland, Geir Skomsøy, Gillian Warner-Søderholm, Grace Harrison, Henning Karlsen, Henning Rekdal Nielsen, Henriette Scharning, Hilde Honerud, Hølje Tefre, Ina Brantenberg, Inger Renate Moldskred Stie, Ingunn Elvekrok, Inki Annweiler, Jacob Rørvik, Jakob Thyness, Jan Henrik Wold, Jannicke Øiaas, Jon Hovland Honerud, Jonas Aakre, Jonas Fredin, Jonathan Romm, Kai Victor Myrnes-Hansen, Kaj Clausen, Katrine Malmer-Høvik, Kjell Reenskaug, Lars Christian Gamborg, Lars Høie, Lars Olsen, Leif Friman Anisdahl, Linda Lien, Lise Feirud, Malene Grimsgaard Loe, Mathias Haddal Hovet, Matthew Shobbrook, Morten Throndsen, Nicholas Hermier, Nils Jørgen Gunderesen, Nina Furu, Nina Lysbakken, Øivind A. Grimsgaard Loe, Ole Lund, Øyvin Rannem, Per Farstad, Rachel Cooper, Rory McGrath, Rune Døli, Sidsel Lie, Simon Manchipp, Skule Storheill, Sophie Moss Kravik, Steinar Killi, Susann Vatnedal, Søren Obed Madsen, Thea Ørneseide, Theo Sikkes, Thomas Hvammen Nicholson, Thomas Lewe, Tom Tysbo, Tone Bergan, Tor Paulson, Tora Aasen, Torbjørn Sitre, Tore H. Wiik, Torunn Mehus, Ulf Winther, Wegard Kyoo Bergli.     

I send grateful thoughts to my father Wilhelm Lefevre Grimsgaard (1932–1995). His last message to me was: ‘Remember to work strategically with design’. And, to my beloved children, Øivind, Anita, and Malene Grimsgaard Loe, for encouraging me ‘Mom, be brave think large’. And, a huge gratitude to my man in love and life: Audun Farbrot: ‘Every word you write brings you closer to the target.’ My deepest thanks to Grace Harrison at Routledge who saw the potential in the Norwegian 1st edition of this book and wanted to bring it out into the world.  

Design and Strategy. A Step-by-Step Guide.
1st Edition 2022, November 16, 2022, by Routledge.

Main abstract and chapter abstracts: Link

Publisher: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, London and New York.
Paperback: ISBN 9781032122915
Hardback: ISBN 9781032122908
eBook: ISBN 9781003223955

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