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Design and strategy out into the world!

Yay, my book is going to be published globally. I have signed a contract with the international publisher Routledge.
I am happy that
I am happy that "Design and strategy" will be translated and published in English, so that people around the world can get the opportunity to use the book. Photo: Audun Farbrot

When applying Routledge to publish the book it was a comprehensive process. Among other things I delivered a translation of several book chapters and the table of contents to be used in an international review. The international peer review was overwhelming. The reviewers used words like outstanding, timely and universal.
Quote from the reviews:
“The topic of strategic design is growing. Both design educators and businesses now understand that design is the articulation of strategy and it is the most cost-effective way for businesses to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.”

“This is very definitely a textbook for undergraduate students, master students in design, design management and possibly marketing and management students, MBA programs, as well as managers in the areas of business, marketing, communication, branding, UX experience, consultancies; really any discipline that is interested in innovative thinking.”

Routledge will publish the book Design and strategy internationally. In NSD, Routledge is ranked at "level 2". About Routledge

Read about the book, HERE.