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About the author

Wanda Grimsgaard:
«The challenge lies in the transfer of strategy to design. This is also where the key to success is found».

About the author: Wanda Grimsgaard is Professor of Visual Communication at the University of South-Eastern Norway, USN School of Business, and author of the book Design and Strategy. A Step-by-Step Guide. (The picture shows the author with the Norwegian version). Wanda teaches, writes and does research in the field of strategic design. She is passionate about conveying to designers and their clients that every project should be aligned with the company's goals and strategies, so that the outcome can contribute to the company's success. She finds it equally inspiring and fun to work with strategy and design which she sees as two sides of the same coin. The goal is to bridge the gap between strategy and design. In 2019, Wanda was a research fellow at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS), where she launched new research projects at the intersection of strategy and design. "The challenge lies in the transfer of strategy to design. This is also where the key to success is found", according to Wanda.

Background: Wanda's background consists of many years’ experience in the design industry, both in partnership with others and on her own. The core business has mainly been the development of identities for companies, products or services, where the aim has been increased awareness and competitiveness, or other value creation. The clients have ranged from start-ups and medium-sized companies to large, well-known brand companies. Besides working as an executive designer, Wanda has always been interested in sharing knowledge, as a lecturer, course holder and examiner for various course organisers and design schools. Profiles on internet and social media: Linkedin profile Profile at USN School of Business Twitter: @wandagrimsgaard Instagram: @wandagrimsgaard